YDragon to become an LSS-protected Binance Smart Chain project

2 min readAug 12, 2021


The Lossless team is excited to announce one more project ready to implement the Lossless anti-hack suite to its protocol. This time, it’s a cross-chain index ecosystem YDragon, the first project built on Binance Smart Chain to take advantage of our security layer!

YDragon offers exposure to various DeFi products across multiple blockchains with options to generate yield and earn passive income. YDragon’s extensive feature set allows users to cleverly diversify investments and minimize risks while benefiting from the interoperability of cross-asset activities.

In addition to minimizing investment risks, YDragon puts a priority on safeguarding its smart contracts and user funds from nefarious hacks, flash loan attacks, infinite mint attacks, oracle manipulations, or similar, by injecting Lossless code to its native YDR token and every index token they’ll release in the future.

Moreover, YDragon will add the LSS token into its staking protocol and include it into the cryptocurrency basket for the blockchain security-related index composition.

Lossless implementation into YDragon protocol makes it possible for the Lossless community to monitor the network and, when necessary, freeze and retrieve drained funds in the event of a hack or an exploit. YDragon puts its money where its mouth is and is undertaking preemptive measures to ensure the security and integrity of its ecosystem.

We’re happy to take another project under our safety umbrella and provide that extra confidence for cryptocurrency investors and industry participants. No doubt that by combining our efforts to reduce DeFi risk exposures, we’ll bring peace of mind to many more DeFi actors, retail and institutional, in the future.

About YDragon

YDragon is a cross-chain index ecosystem with yield-bearing collateral, allowing users to gain exposure to different DeFi niches across a multi-chain environment with a smart, revenue-generating protocol managing underlying assets.

Not only do investors get diversified exposure to the best of what’s offered on a selection of blockchains, but they also have the luxury of benefiting from the most trusted and lucrative yield farming protocols around, ensuring a passive income on their investment.

Find out more about YDragon on the official website.

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About Lossless

Lossless is the world’s first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators. Through various methods of fraud identification, our protocol halts counterfeit transactions and automatically reverses any stolen tokens back to the original owner.

With our stake-based reward system, the community is encouraged to actively continue to explore ways to detect hackers and fake transactions. Our sleek and fluid dashboard interface also allows users to view transactions at a birds-eye view.

To learn more about our project and join the community, follow us on our website and social media platforms below:

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World’s first unrivalled exploit identification and mitigation tools, designed to foolproof web3 from malicious activity.

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