Why Partnerships Matter: The Case of Unicrypt

It’s always a good feeling to strike a new partnership. Each provides certain opportunities and brings forth an increase in potential. It’s not just about the ecosystem’s growth in numbers— it’s also about acquiring more channels for tech adoption. That can be referrals, exposure, integration itself to lead by example, and also a tech merge that has happened with Unicrypt.

We recently announced that our protocol’s integration capability will be added to Unicrypt’s ENMT token minter. So it won’t be just our Token Minter alone that will provide this option. Users wanting to mint tokens through Unicrypt will be able to pick if they want a Lossless protocol integration for higher safety or not.

Why do these and similar partnerships bring value to the industry? Unicrypt mints between tens and hundreds of new tokens per month — the number depends on the chain they’re being minted on. It means that all those new projects or aspiring crypto founders will be exposed to Lossless technology thanks to our tech solution merging with Unicrypt and a certain percent will most probably choose to integrate our protocol.

In exchange, what Unicrypt receives is a security partner to ensure higher protection standards are applied to their solutions. Not to mention that this sends a strong message about how much Unicrypt values security — a win-win.

This example is to illustrate why our team heavily invests in partnership formation. All the launchpad deals, referral partners, and protocol integrations made are there for a reason — expanding our network and reach in Web3 so that as many as possible projects would be aware of security opportunities for their funds and users. Especially while they are still scarce in the industry.

That’s why Lossless will continue to develop. We’re here to build.

About Lossless

Lossless is the world’s first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators. Apart from Lossless’ known cyber security solutions and renowned professionals, the community also plays a role. With a tangible reward system, community members are also encouraged to explore new ways to detect hacks and fraudulent transactions.

Lossless protocol halts counterfeit transactions through various methods of fraud identification and automatically reverses any stolen tokens back to the original owner. Its solutions to the impending problems of cyber theft within the blockchain space are thorough and applicable within many protocols.

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