Steady Growth: Lossless x DEUS Finance

3 min readNov 21, 2022


When you look at the current market, growth is definitely not the first word coming to mind. But it’s precisely what is needed for the crypto space to gain trust once again after the recent major events with FTX.

We’re happy to report that growth is what we’re steadily delivering. Our protocol has gained a new integration and a partner in our security ecosystem. We’d like to welcome DEUS Finance on board, who are integrating our hack mitigation protocol into their $DEI token.

DEUS Finance is building the next-gen marketplace for decentralized financial services, providing the infrastructure for 3rd-party financial instruments. A peer-to-peer bilateral agreement system is what the team of DEUS Finance is building. It allows for digitized derivatives to be cleared directly between one party and another in a trustless way, and in this process, a free market around derivatives evolves.

DEUS has been built by idealists seeking to decentralize everything. They invite a diverse range of users to share their experiences and thoughts on this system to enable the team to build products and services that best meet the needs of the users.

Backers and partners of DEUS Finance

Lafayette Tabor, Founder & Project Lead at DEUS Finance shared that “Lossless is an interesting piece of technology as it allows us to add another layer of security, the last fail-safe to prevent big damage to our protocol if all else fails. We are looking forward to working continuously with the Lossless team to secure our protocol to the highest standards.

Vygandas Masilionis, CEO of Lossless added: “Our team is excited to become partners with Deus Finance and be able to provide amplified security measures. The current market environment makes it a necessity to provide project communities with decisions that ensure trust will not be broken, only strengthened. Helping our partners achieve that is a terrific win.

Welcome to Lossless!

About Deus Finance

Providing the framework for optimistic on-chain digital derivatives. Capital efficiency, cross-margin between exchanges and market makers, in addition to instant settlement, enables DEUS to offer an unparalleled alternative to TradFi.

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About Lossless

Restoring trust in web3 security. Lossless incorporates a new layer of blockchain transaction security, protecting projects and their communities from malicious exploits and associated financial loss.

Lossless protocol implements an additional layer of blockchain transaction security for ERC-20 standard tokens, mitigating the financial impact of smart contract exploits and private key theft. Lossless protocol utilizes community-driven threat identification tools and a unique stake-based reporting system to identify suspicious transactions, providing real-time protection.

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