Refer a Project to Lossless,
Claim your $1,000 Bounty

  • Referral must be a personal introduction to the founding/executive team members with the operational power to implement the $LSS code into their token smart contract.
  • The introduction can be in the form of a Telegram group invite, video call, email, or a personal meeting.
  • If the referred project adopts the $LSS standard, a bounty of $1,000 in $LSS will be awarded to the referrer.
  • Rewards are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Just tagging someone in a Twitter comment or copying him in an email is not sufficient.
  • Lossless Team retains the right not to approve certain referrals due to issues with the project’s viability, technical development stage, founding team’s competence, or any other credibility risks.
  • Referrers must register via email at and
  • Email subject must contain: Lossless Referral Bounty — {project name}
  • Email text must include a personal introduction and a suggestion on how to set up a communication channel between Lossless and the referred project’s team.



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World’s first unrivalled exploit identification and mitigation tools, designed to foolproof web3 from malicious activity.