New Lossless Team Member: Meet Arūnas!

Why are you in the crypto space? How have you collected your experience?

How and why did you join Lossless? What’s your role?

Do you have a vision for DeFi security?

Any message to the community?

  • Always read project whitepapers — most of the time they have core information about the project for you to learn.
  • Be on the lookout for huge out-of-the-blue changes — that’s not a good sign.
  • Look into the development team — check their Twitter, LinkedIn profiles, to see if they are definitely legit.
  • Always double-check who you are dealing with — if someone you don’t know reaches out and offers great goods, be suspicious of it and check everything thoroughly to not fall victim to social engineering.
  • Try reading up on what type of hacks/exploits are rampant in the DeFi space. I believe for a user to know these things can surely be helpful, and having that knowledge you can help other people too.

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