New Lossless team addition: meet Gytis, the new CMO!

4 min readJul 16, 2021

It’s always exciting to introduce new people to our team! This time we’re filling up a crucial role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and bringing in an insightful, curious personality to help us reach more users that otherwise might never hear of us, or take any interest in what we do.

So that’s taken care of as the new CMO of Lossless is already thinking of ways to use his ingenuity for strengthening brand awareness and expanding our community. Knowing Gytis, it shouldn’t take long before we hear some sweet buzz on our name.

Happy to have you on board!

Gytis journey to Lossless

Although Gytis is all about marketing, he comes from an economics background. At one time, he even worked as a micro & macro analyst. But, ever since 2017, he became passionate about cryptocurrencies. All it took was a good podcast, which helped him realize how disruptive the crypto industry can be, and what a massive potential these emerging economies have.

Being an economist himself, he managed to apply his knowledge and illuminate it in a different light through the lens of a marketing guru. It led him to work at ExMarkets crypto exchange and, later, several blockchain projects like Howdoo, assuming various marketing roles from the Head of Content to Chief Marketing Officer.

Fast forward to the summer of 2020, Gytis is enthusiastically dipping his toes in DeFi, playing around in markets here and there. And — surprise, surprise — got burned and rug-pulled! If only there was something he could’ve done…

Yet sometimes bad things can lead to good things. Because he got rekt, Gytis immediately found Lossless a very interesting and relevant project in today’s DeFi landscape when Dominykas, who Gytis can now call a teammate, told him all about it.

If not for the rug pull, perhaps he would’ve never joined our cause or even thought about why it matters. But look at him now, savagely going for justice through tech innovations!

We expect to go a long way together. But before we do that, we’re asking Gytis to answer the same increasingly uncomfortable questions that our Solidity developer Alexandar had to answer on his first day. Not only to mess around but also to get to know him a bit, just enough to understand who he is as an individual. Welcome to the team!

Asking Gytis the hard questions

So how did you get into crypto?

In 2017, I stumbled upon a podcast on the Joe Rogan show with tech entrepreneur and bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos. When I was listening to it, something clicked in my head. I suddenly understood that the disruption lurking in the promise of a crypto economy is huge.

And so, the economics that I studied and applied in my professional career illuminated in a different light.

What excites you most about the future of this industry?

It’s all getting more and more interconnected. Anyone can build a protocol or an interoperability layer and plug it into existing structures. No permission is needed. If your solution truly has value, it just attracts users and economic value to it. It’s sort of like a cooperative competition that’s completely decentralized and, therefore, super effective. It shows as the rate of growth and adoption is growing exponentially.

Why do you think your work matters?

There was $3.8b stolen from DeFi exploits in 2020 alone. The figure is probably going to be even higher for 2021. I lost money personally. I know the feeling of despair and shame when you get scammed. Not a fun one. If I can help mitigate that in any way I am glad to do it. It will help the market but also a lot of individual people, too.

What is your long-term goal?

Hodl onto dear life for eternity.

What inspires you to better yourself?

In crypto, there’s just no other way to stay up to date. Here, you must run as fast as you can just to stay in the same place. If you’re not catching up and expanding your perspective every day, you’ll get left behind.

What makes you happy?

Spending time out in nature, wakeboarding, hanging out with friends. I am a casual dude.

Make up a brief message for future generations.

Stop making dance videos on TikTok and get out to experience life. There’s no better teacher than experience. Screen time will be there when you get back.

Any last words?

Happy to be on board. Very excited to play my part here and create a safer DeFi environment for everyone. Talk more soon.

The Lossless team is growing stronger each week. It gives us confidence that we can make a meaningful difference in DeFi, and we look forward to a bright future ahead. No doubt Gytis will make this journey much more pleasant for all of us. Cheers for that!

About Lossless

Lossless is the world’s first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators. Our protocol halts counterfeit transactions through various methods of fraud identification and automatically reverses any stolen tokens back to the original owner.

With our stake-based reward system, the community is encouraged to actively explore ways to detect hackers and fraudulent transactions. Our sleek and fluid dashboard interface also allows users to view transactions at a bird’s-eye view.

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