New Lossless team addition: meet Aleksandar, Solidity Developer!

5 min readJun 21, 2021

Not every day we get to welcome a new member to our team, but it’s a great joy every time. But it’s surely even more exciting when smart and talented people see potential and value in what this Lossless collective is trying to achieve and then choose to embark on the same path together.

That’s what’s happening here as we introduce Alexander, the freshest recruit to the Lossless developer’s team!

Alexander’s journey to Lossless

Alexander had quite a ride before starting his work at Lossless, mingling with several exciting blockchain startups during his time. While mainly focusing on the Front-End and Smart Contract side of DApps, he managed to help nine different companies successfully raise funds and organize their crowdsales. All that led Alexander to focus his career on various DeFi-based protocols and utilize Aave, Compound, or Uniswap to build new projects on top of them.

During his time in the DeFi space, he was a crucial member in a few notable ones like Yield compounding and Liquidity Provider (LP). But whatever the project was, the mission was always the same — scope out complex DeFi-based platforms, provide functionalities and keep working on groundbreaking technologies and the newest Ethereum & Cardano ecosystems standards.

And eventually, Alexander stumbled upon Lossless. That’s when he got curious about the security protocol from the developer’s perspective. Immediately, he saw vast potential in Lossless as it presents the idea of standardizing security risks for blockchain teams and offers a security advisory to the community. It just seemed very helpful in a slightly different way than we are used to.

Soon enough, Alexander became passionate about all the security risks and concerns and ways of handling vulnerabilities through pattern-based systems. He genuinely believes Lossless is an inspiring project that can bring many innovative solutions for mitigating common DeFi risks, especially with his coding added to the equation.

So how could we not be happy to have Alexander onboard?

To understand more about who this man is and truly dig into his soul, we’ve asked him a few questions that you really shouldn’t bring to a date or a dinner table unless you want everyone to slowly start avoiding you.

With all that said, here’s a closer look inside the brain of Alexander, our new Solidity Developer. Welcome to the team!

Asking Alexander the hard questions

How did you get into crypto?

I got into crypto 4.5 years ago as a trader and curious developer who wanted to know more about the Tech Stack and what’s going on behind the hood of decentralized systems. That’s how I stumbled upon programmable parts of the code executed on-chain and dove into Solidity and DApps overall.

What excites you most about the future of this industry?

Building new, worldwide-based systems which will give the people more power and upgrade traditional methods of how we deal with financials and money transfers on a global scale. I am very bullish on DeFi in general, and I think the future decades will pave a new path for future generations and redefine how we do finances moving forward. Being a part of it from an early stage gives me satisfaction as a developer to contribute to some of those protocols while helping millions of potential users.

Why do you think your work matters?

I am always a focused and goal-oriented person who has a “get shit done” attitude, and I do genuinely believe I am constantly pushing myself over the limit to get better results and achieve new goals. That gives my team of co-workers trust in me that, whatever I start, I will finish it in the best possible way while doing it in a reasonable timeline compared to the deadline.

What is your long-term goal?

Building out a product that could eventually be used on a scale of multi-million users per day, something that would help simplify at least some parts of their day-to-day routine when it comes to money management, financials and wealth. I want to leave my mark on top of something and benefit lots of users on a global scale.

What inspires you to better yourself?

Motivation for my key to success has its roots in a more human, open approach to technical solutions and building products for the people, not profit. That’s always a decisive motivational factor for me and pushes me to go over my limits. I think that for every person, the key to success is about finding your inner circle of happiness through something he or she likes to do daily. For me, I’m always starving to create more effortless daily routines for people who need help from technology so they could upgrade other aspects of their lives.

What makes you happy?

Coffee, travel, good music and achieving new goals while delivering new functionalities and features to users in a more people-oriented way. After all, power to the people, not corporations :)

Make up a short message for future generations.

Unbank yourself, DeFi self.

Any last words?

We are on a mission to make a groundbreaking change in the history of finance. And since we’re so early into this, we’re becoming crucial members of the community that is creating a base of rules and new standards for future generations. So let’s make it more people-oriented and more available to every single inch of this beautiful planet. Let’s make our contributions count long-term — DeFi yourself.

On that note, cheers once again for a safe and bright future ahead and an ever-growing number of people dedicated to the Lossless mission. We’re strongly convinced that the Lossless protocol can make a massive difference for countless DeFi projects. After all, by employing brilliant minds to work on our ideas, we only strengthen our conviction beyond what’s already plentiful.

Nothing will stop us!

About Lossless

Lossless is the world’s first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators. Our protocol halts counterfeit transactions through various methods of fraud identification and automatically reverses any stolen tokens back to the original owner.

With our stake-based reward system, the community is encouraged to actively explore ways to detect hackers and fraudulent transactions. Our sleek and fluid dashboard interface also allows users to view transactions at a birds-eye view.

To learn more about our project and join the community, follow us on our website and social media platforms below:

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World’s first unrivalled exploit identification and mitigation tools, designed to foolproof web3 from malicious activity.