Most Common Hacks on DeFi to Look Out For

Phishing Attacks

  • Double-checking domain names for accentuations in letters. Ensure that the .com variant is correct and the “HTTP” portion of the URL is HTTPS (the more secure form).
  • Investigating the content of the email. Copy and paste a portion of the body of the email on a search engine to check for a similar story or query on forums. Sometimes, searching the sender’s email address suffices.
  • Safeguarding your private keys and seed phrases

Fake Hardware Wallets

  • Beware of free hardware wallets that show up at your front door
  • Check your delivery package to ensure it wasn’t tampered with
  • Keep yourself informed about your hardware wallet manufacturer

SMS 2FA Verification Exploits

  • Choose a more secure 2FA verification method. Use either a reputable Authenticator mobile app or use the email option.
  • Be suspicious of every call from telecom companies until proven otherwise
  • Do not let strangers and people you do not trust handle your devices.


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