Lossless Lottery Game: Win 10,000 $LSS just for on-chain holding

We’re excited for the upcoming soft launch of the Lossless Hack Explorer v1.0 and want to conduct the first but definitely not the last Lossless Lottery edition. The competition will officially start on the 31st of August and conclude with a final blockchain snapshot on the 20th of September.

During the lottery window, a total of 4 Ethereum blockchain snapshots of LSS tokens will be taken on which lottery tickets will be attributed. 2 snapshot times are known: Aug 31 13:00 UTC and Sep 20 13:00 UTC, while two more snapshots will be taken at randomly selected times over the course of the lottery window.

If an address will hold a certain amount of $LSS during the snapshot time, that address will instantly get a lottery ticket. At least 500 $LSS must be held at the time of snapshot for it to be eligible to win the main prize of 10,000 $LSS and at least 50 tokens to win 1,000 $LSS. Addresses with lower balances will not be included in the lottery.

There will be 1 big prize winner receiving 10,000 LSS tokens and 5 small prize winners receiving 1,000 LSS each. The total prize pool of the inaugural LSS lottery

The maximum number of tickets for each of the prizes that one address can accrue is 4 (4 tickets for the big prize and 4 tickets for the small prize). So, in order to maximize your chances of winning, you must hold at least 500 LSS tokens on as many addresses as possible for the full Aug 31 — Sept 20 period.

After the lottery commences, the winner draw will be conducted using a randomizer tool and shared with the community online in order to ensure fairness and transparency. Most likely it will be a screen recording of a random cell call function in excel.

IMPORTANT: Only LSS tokens held on the Ethereum blockchain will be eligible to participate in the lottery. We recommend people wanting to participate in the lottery bridging their tokens from BSC to ETH. For instructions, read here.

TL;DR: Lossless Lottery Game

Duration: Aug 31 — Sept 20

Snapshots: 4 (Aug 31 @ 13:00 UTC, Sept 20 @ 13:00 UTC & two snapshots at random times)

Prizes: 1x10,000 $LSS & 5x1,000 $LSS

Required $LSS wallet balance to participate: 500 for 10,000 prize & 50 for 1,000

Blockchain: Ethereum

Don’t have $LSS yet? It’s about time you fix that! You can purchase $LSS on:

Keep in mind, that in order to participate, your $LSS must be held on-chain in an ERC20 address.

Have fun and good luck! Let’s see who’s going to be the first lottery winner. May the lady fortune be ever on your side.




World’s first crypto hack mitigation tool for trusted and safe DeFi.

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World’s first crypto hack mitigation tool for trusted and safe DeFi.

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