Lossless Development Update: Our Latest Progress

Core Protocol

Lossless Hack Explorer Platform

  • Updates that will connect the platform with Core Protocol are currently in progress. Currently you can check the Platform’s MVP here: https://platform.lossless.cash/

Vault Protection

  • The backend was migrated to The Graph, and we are going to be deprecating our own backend, on our side.
  • Recently we’ve finished fixing a bunch of small bugs and issues. A few still remain but are not crucial to further work.


  • After we are done with the Core Protocol’s audit, we will be adding it to our ongoing bug bounty on Immunefi for developers to have a go at while testing for bugs: https://immunefi.com/bounty/lossless/
  • Lossless Hack Explorer Platform will be refactored to use The Graph and Core Protocol smart contracts.
  • We will be integrating Gnosis Safe to the Vault Protection.

About Lossless



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