Lossless Development Update: Our Latest Progress

There’s been a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Lossless. We are approaching the launch of our most crucial tool yet — Core Protocol. As planned, it will go live this quarter. But it’s not the only thing we’ve been working on simultaneously. This update is meant to shed light exactly on all the work that has been done so far by the Lossless team from the tech side.

Here’s what’s been happening and what’s to come:

Core Protocol

Lossless Hack Explorer Platform

  • Updates that will connect the platform with Core Protocol are currently in progress. Currently you can check the Platform’s MVP here: https://platform.lossless.cash/

Vault Protection

  • The backend was migrated to The Graph, and we are going to be deprecating our own backend, on our side.
  • Recently we’ve finished fixing a bunch of small bugs and issues. A few still remain but are not crucial to further work.


  • After we are done with the Core Protocol’s audit, we will be adding it to our ongoing bug bounty on Immunefi for developers to have a go at while testing for bugs: https://immunefi.com/bounty/lossless/
  • Lossless Hack Explorer Platform will be refactored to use The Graph and Core Protocol smart contracts.
  • We will be integrating Gnosis Safe to the Vault Protection.

We are on track with our goals set on the Lossless roadmap. Here’s a reminder how it looks like:

About Lossless

Lossless is the world’s first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators. Apart from our known cyber security solutions and renowned professionals, the community also plays a role. With a tangible reward system, community members are also encouraged to explore new ways to detect hacks and fraudulent transactions.

Our protocol halts counterfeit transactions through various methods of fraud identification and automatically reverses any stolen tokens back to the original owner. Our solutions to the impending problems of cyber theft within the blockchain space are thorough and applicable within many protocols.

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World’s first crypto hack mitigation tool for trusted and safe DeFi.

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World’s first crypto hack mitigation tool for trusted and safe DeFi.

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