Lossless Development Update: May

Core Protocol

  • The team has been working on Lossless platform’s bugs and overall performance improvements. Nothing to do with the protocol’s code but more with the smooth work of the platform itself to improve the experience while reviewing transactions, reporting them, and so on.
  • We were able to successfully launch our protocol live on three chains already: Ethereum, BNB Chain, and as of yesterday, Polygon. Only three more chains remain — AVAX, Fantom, and Harmony — so that all six supported chains and our partners building on them would be protected.

Security Oracle

  • As you know, we have simultaneously started to build our Security Oracle next to launching the protocol on multiple chains. In case you missed what the oracle will do:
  • So regarding this, our team’s work is in progress. We’re finalizing the first version of the hack tracking algorithm in order to collect info on high-risk wallets. Protocols will then be able to access this collected info and use it for hack prevention in case a risky wallet is initiating malicious activities with their products or services.

About Lossless



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