Largest $LSS holder addresses and vesting explained

There can never be too much transparency, can there? Especially in crypto. Lossless is advocating fair conduct in crypto, it only makes sense that we ourselves follow the same standard we set for others.

Today, we want to identify the largest $LSS holder addresses and provide information on token vesting schedules and token unlock dates. Most of the information was previously disclosed but we thought it would be convenient to have the relevant data in one place.

The total supply of $LSS is 100,000,000 tokens, created by the Lossless deployer (tx hash) on May 26, 2021.

$LSS token contract address: 0x3b9be07d622accaed78f479bc0edabfd6397e320

As of July 23rd, 2021, blockchain wallets holding the biggest are as follows:

Largest $LSS holding addresses
  1. Vested Investor tokens (contract).
  2. KuCoin BurningDrop address.
  3. DAOMaker investment into $LSS (contract).
  4. UniSwap LSS-ETH pair (contract).
  5. Kucoin Exchange LSS-USDT liquidity.
  6. A lossless-owned account with liquidity funds for upcoming exchange listings.
  7. Lossless contract address holding tokens and Uniswap LP tokens.
  8. exchange liquidity.

Lossless treasury token distribution and unlocking

Lossless treasury address (approx. 65% of total supply) contains funds that are allocated to facilitate Lossless marketing and listings (10% of total supply), implement the ecosystem incentive programs (20%), also team tokens (15%), partner & advisor allocation (5%), and company reserves (15%).

Token unlocks of Lossless Treasury:

  • Marketing/listings: 20% unlocked in week 1, then 10% unlocking each month.
  • Ecosystem incentives: 10% unlocked in week 1, then 22.5% every subsequent quarter.
  • Team: unlocking starts in month 13 and finishes in month 24, 8.33% unlocking each month.
  • Partners & advisors: unlocking starts in month 13 and finishes in month 24, 8.33% unlocking each month.
  • Company reserves: unlocking starts in month 13 and finishes in month 24, 8.33% unlocking each month.

Token unlocks of Lossless investors

All $LSS investors follow the same vesting structure. 20% of allocation was unlocked in the first week while the remaining tokens will be unlocked by 20% installments in every following quarter (20% in months 4, 7, 10 & 13).

We hope that this disclosure reveals all the previously missing pieces and paints a clear picture of the $LLS distribution. Should you have any further questions, you’re always welcome to join our Telegram chat and engage with the team directly!

In the meantime, we continue working on the beta version of the platform. Some teasers will be showcased in the very nearby future. Stay tuned.

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