Development Update: November Edition

Aegis — new features

  • We have successfully launched the four pricing tiers: Free, Growth, Business, and Enterprise. All of them can be found at Also, in the near future, $LSS payments will be implemented — companies wanting to receive a discount for their subscription will be able to opt for $LSS payments.
  • Support for Harmony chain was added. And not only that but Harmony itself has become our client to use Aegis for their Horizon bridge relaunch. Here’s their press release covering it:

Aegis internal improvements

  • Our team fixed some minor issues which were tied to alert sending.
  • System reliability improvements also followed.


  • Our API docs were updated to be of the newest version.
  • The entire team came back from a busy Devcon in Bogota, where they were able to collect industry opinions on security and suggestions or ideas on how it can be improved.

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