Core Protocol: The Launch Process

  • Urgent freezing — Lossless Smart Contracts allow hack-spotting bots to detect and freeze fraudulent transactions, securing rewards for the bot’s creator.
  • Fraud analysis — The Decision-Making Body overviews frozen transactions, validates fraud and makes a decision to freeze the receiving address permanently.
  • Returning stolen funds — The Decision-Making Body enacts a proposal for transaction reversal, and the code reverts stolen funds back to the owner’s address.

Core Protocol’s Launch Process and Timing

  1. Audit. Core Protocol has been audited by ABDK and a report has been received, stating that “All critical issues were fixed. Major issues were fixed or handled during refactoring.” This is a tremendous milestone in our team’s journey towards launching the groundbreaking tool.
  2. Documentation. Detailed documentation has also been made public for everyone, especially projects to integrate Core Protocol into their tokens, to get acquainted with how it works and why it’s a superb crypto security solution.
  3. Smart contract on the testnet. Core Protocol’s smart contracts have been already deployed on Ropsten’s Testnet.
  4. Immunefi bug bounty. Soon, these smart contracts will be added to our bug bounty on Immunefi and we will invite the entire community with a separate announcement to search for any bugs that might be left in the code. Of course, found bug authors will be rewarded for their work. This gives us the proper timeline to clean out any remaining errors if there will be any left.
  5. Core Protocol’s UI — final version’s last quality touches. Until 31st of March we will launch the Core Protocol’s UI (user interface) on the testnet as well. The final version of Core Protocol, code and UI in sync, will be on the testnet for around 2 weeks for final preparation.
  6. ETH Mainnet. 2 weeks after UI deployment on the testnet, Core Protocol will be launched live on Ethereum’s Mainnet to start securing all the tokens which have integrated us and will do the same in the future after launch. After Ethereum, we will work on the Core Protocol’s expansion into different chains.

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