4 min readSep 22, 2023


Aegis has garnered significant praise since its launch, establishing itself as a premier solution in the DeFi space. Like all products, Aegis reached a point in its product life cycle where an upgrade was necessary.

Introducing AegisV2: the next generation of real-time security monitoring. This major upgrade brings enhancements to our UI & UX, as well as significant advancements in our AI and ML systems. This refines our alert detection and minimizes unnecessary alerts.

Let’s explore AegisV2.


We’ve updated our Knowledge Base documentation for Aegis, which is now accessible from the left side panel. This update includes more detailed instructions on using all features, clearer explanations of the system’s components, and a more user-friendly navigation experience.


We’ve refreshed Aegis’s identity to distinguish it from the core Lossless Protocol and other tools created by Lossless for navigating Web3 and DeFi. This update doesn’t alter our commitment to integrating LSS deeply into Aegis.

LSS will play a pivotal role in empowering retail users and introducing more features for all. The first utility to be added is the “Lossless Boost”, part of the previously announced ‘Hodler Package’. This will be a tiered system for all LSS holders using Aegis. More details will be released soon.

System Upgrades

In our system upgrades, we’ve bolstered our AI and ML capabilities to provide sharper insights. The alert generation system has been fine-tuned for precision, ensuring that users face fewer distractions from low-severity threats. Additionally, our weekly digest emails have been refined for clarity and relevance. Lastly, users can now benefit from faster transaction processing speeds, enhancing overall efficiency.

These are the major upgrades:

  • Enhanced AI and ML capabilities
  • Improved alert generation system
  • Minimized distractions from low-severity threats
  • Refined weekly digest emails
  • Transaction processing speed improvements

UI and UX Upgrades

Modernized appearance

A new design language that enhances readability and visual clarity across pages. We’ve also optimized the locations of various settings, making it easier to manage preferences and teams.

Left Side Panel

Access all Aegis options effortlessly. No more searching for where to add a new address set an alert, or check your monitored addresses. Plus, we’ve enhanced notification settings and management.

Enhanced Notification Management

Aegis delivers real-time notifications in response to suspicious activities and user-defined triggers. You can set up alerts to inform multiple members of your team or organization.

Aegis supports notifications through these channels:

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • SMS
  • Webhooks

Ability to filter Findings by chain

For users with multiple contracts on multiple chains, an even easier way to access chain-specific alerts, is for an even cleaner experience.

Dark Mode

We’ve introduced a dark mode option! While the default setting remains Light mode upon account creation, switching to Dark mode is now just a click away.

Other updates:

Updated the look of the following features:

TVL monitoring


Contract Analysis

Contract Interaction

Triggers setup

Transaction processing speed improvements

Added notification delivery failed messages in case the client’s API stops responding to Aegis requests

Fixed issues with duplicate warnings

Fixed issues with historical hackers addresses

Fixed bug in the contract events fetching

Added a few missing input validations

Updated copy in most of the places




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