Aegis To Be Improved With BlockSec’s Phalcon

2 min readOct 27, 2022

When we launched Aegis, we also shared that it’s V1. Meaning that updates, and improvements are to follow to make smart contract monitoring even more high-end and convenient to the user. Here’s a quick reminder of how Aegis works:

One such improvement for Aegis is coming from our newest partner — BlockSec. BlockSec is dedicated to building blockchain security infrastructure. Their team is founded by top-notch security researchers and experienced experts from both academia and industry.

One of the tools BlockSec offers is called Phalcon. It provides comprehensive data on invocation flow, balance changes, and fund flows for transactions. This helps developers, security researchers, and traders intuitively understand transactions.

As of today, Phalcon view will be available on Aegis too. You will be able to either view transactions of your monitored smart contracts on the Aegis dashboard or view it all on Phalcon with a push of a button.

This is how today’s Trust Swap hack will open up for you to view:


More features and improvements of Aegis are coming in the future. Stay tuned!

About BlockSec

BlockSec is dedicated to building Blockchain security infrastructure. The team is founded by top-notch security researchers and experienced experts from both academia and industry. They have published multiple blockchain security papers in prestigious conferences, reported several zero-day attacks of DeFi applications, and successfully protected digital assets that are worth more than 5 million dollars by blocking multiple attack attempts.

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Restoring trust in web3 security. Lossless incorporates a new layer of blockchain transaction security, protecting projects and their communities from malicious exploits and the associated financial loss.

Lossless protocol implements an additional layer of blockchain transaction security for ERC-20 standard tokens, mitigating the financial impact of smart contract exploits and private key theft. Lossless protocol utilizes community-driven threat identification tools and a unique stake-based reporting system to identify suspicious transactions, providing real-time protection.

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