Aegis Public Alert Channels: PancakeSwap

2 min readSep 22, 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain, staying one step ahead of potential threats is paramount. To aid in this endeavor, we’ve launched a public Telegram channel where users can monitor suspicious contracts being deployed on PancakeSwap in real-time.

A recent example that underscores the importance of our alerts is the “DOGBEAR” scam token deployment transaction. Aegis identified this transaction here. This particular transaction not only deployed the BEP20 token named “DOGBEAR” but also simultaneously established a pair contract on Pancake. What raised eyebrows further was the fact that the deployer was funded through Tornado Cash. A quick glance at the subsequent price chart revealed a concerning decline in the token’s value within mere hours.

In another alert from our channel, we highlighted an ongoing, yet unsuccessful, attack. Multiple calls were made to “Test Exploit” from this address. The persistent entity behind this address seems to be deploying new exploit contracts and retrying the exploit function, though their exact target remains elusive.

These are just a couple of examples from our Telegram channel, emphasizing the real threats lurking in the blockchain space. By joining our channel, you’re not just passively observing; you’re actively arming yourself with knowledge, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the dynamic world of DeFi.

Disclaimer: All contracts reported in this channel are tagged as ‘suspicious’ by our AI and ML systems, always do your own due diligence before making decisions. These contracts are not related to the PancakeSwap team.

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