Aegis LSS Boost: New Sustainable Token Utility Model

4 min readOct 12, 2023

At Lossless, sustainable growth has always been our guiding principle. This ethos has driven the development of our latest innovation: the LSS Boost feature for our Aegis threat monitoring system.

In essence, your $LSS holdings just acquired a new form of utility.

Too many individuals and small project teams still lack access to capable Web3 monitoring tools. The launch of the LSS Boost program reflects our efforts to expand access to Aegis in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Key takeaways:

  • Lossless has just released the LSS Boost plan for the Aegis threat monitoring system. The plan will offer $LSS token holders access to premium Aegis functionalities.
  • $LSS token holders will be able to unlock up to 6 additional alert and monitored address slots per account and will have full access to advanced trigger types.
  • LSS Boost will broaden access to professional-grade Web3 monitoring tools in a sustainable way in addition to expanding the utility of $LSS tokens.

LSS Boost: Sustainable Utility

The inception of LSS Boost reflects our efforts to cultivate meaningful utility in the Web3 landscape. We understand that in the ever-evolving Web3, the allure of short-term gains is ever-present. Yet, our approach has always been to prioritize well-researched and long-lasting utility that genuinely benefits our users.

LSS Boost will enable us to offer select access to premium Aegis functionalities without charging users exorbitant fees. Anyone will now be able to access advanced smart contract monitoring tools simply by connecting their wallets to prove they are $LSS token holders.

$LSS token holders will be able to unlock up to 6 monitored addresses and alert slots per Aegis account. $LSS holders will also gain access to all of our custom trigger types, including those for specific Events, Function Calls, Value changes, or Contract Interactions.

Think of LSS Boost as a lifetime subscription to Aegis that you do not have to pay for.

Aegis: Advanced On-Chain Monitoring

The recent surge in Web3 security vulnerabilities highlights just how important it is for project teams to fortify their defenses and foster community vigilance. Luckily, modern smart contract monitoring tools have evolved past mere anomaly spotting.

Aegis harnesses the power of predictive analytics to alert teams to threats before they escalate. Aegis threat monitoring is completely automated and comes with advanced smart contract defenses for safeguarding your virtual assets. Aegis continuously scans all mined block transactions to identify malicious patterns. Alerts on potential threats are then issued to project teams in real-time, across multiple channels.

Users can simply register on the platform and add the smart contract addresses of interest to their watchlists. Aegis can also track custom events and function calls, including wallet ownership changes, Total Value Locked (TVL) milestones, and much more.

Project teams may wish to set up alerts for specific events associated with their mission-critical contracts, including potential risks, changes in admin privileges, contract upgrades, multi-sig requirements, liquidity withdrawals, and other time-sensitive events. That way, they can be notified immediately, even if offline, and empowered to take immediate countermeasures.

Aegis LSS Boost Plan

LSS Boost will offer users select access to premium Aegis functionalities based on their $LSS holdings. $LSS token holders will unlock an additional monitored address and alert slot for every 200 $LSS they hold.

LSS Boost plan allowance can be increased to up to 6 monitored addresses and alert slots per account, meaning that its full potential is unlocked with 1000 $LSS in user holdings.

$LSS token holders also gain access to all custom trigger types, including those for specific Events, Function Calls, Value changes, or Contract Interactions.

While many Web3 projects continue to deliver gimmicks, Lossless remains committed to the responsible evolution of our token utility. LSS Boost is essentially a lifetime subscription to Aegis, offered at no charge. It will both reward current $LSS token holders and widen access to professional-grade Web3 monitoring tools in a sustainable way. — Kleanthi Vongli, Lossless CMO.

More information about Aegis and individual plans can be found at

About Lossless

Lossless is a trendsetter in Web3 security architecture. Our solutions empower projects to protect their communities from smart contract exploits and the associated financial loss.

The Lossless protocol wraps ERC-20 standard tokens in an additional layer of transactional security, providing project creators with a fail-safe against malicious exploits. Transactions flagged as malicious are frozen and can be reverted subject to an investigation.

Aegis, our latest flagship product, also offers automated threat monitoring and firewall-like features. Project teams can utilize its real-time alerts and zero-integration monitoring capabilities to identify possible threats before they turn into exploits. | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | GitHub




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